Taramind Juice

This tangy gem, has amazing health benefits and this drink will certainly quench your thirst tropically, your palate will thank you. Tamarind juice is best served in the morning as an alternative to orange juice. But you can have it anytime.


  1. 200g fresh tamarind, brown pods
  2. 1bsp brown sugar, optional
  3. 1 cardamom clove
  4. 500ml water


Break the tamarind shells, remove the pods, and in a large contain place pods, sugar, cardamom and water.

Let it soak for 2 – 4 hours

Shake for 1 minute and strain. Refrigerate tamarind juice and serve in mason jars.

Patry’s Tip: You may alternative use hot water to soak tamarind pods for 30 minutes, strain and refrigerate. serve with infused ice cubes or chilled for best results. Tamarind can be stored for up to 3  days in the fridge 


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