Cooking Oil

Using oil is a way to have fat in our bodies, however finding out out which one is best for you expecially when heating up oil you need to find one or others that 1) have a high heat reststance, in other it does not break down its nutrirnents. 2) the type of oil needs to have health benefits in your body, everyone has different bodies and this this day and age many have some sort of sturfgle wehter it being high chloestrol, diabetics and some just want to prevent or enhance there general health, cause lets face it who woundt want to be have naturally glowing skin, and be positive knowing your in great health. Fortunetly i am here to guide you on the BEST oils for cooking with, i persoanlly do not cook with oil but from time to time i would and heres my best top 5.

  1. Coconut Oil
  2. Greapeseed Oil
  3. Samase Oil


Oils such as Canola, vegtable oil, these have gone through indutrials refining process that by the time you get it in your local gorecery store, youll be suprised to find out the amont of high cholrestral moelexcs emergce into the ptodict you, do not need to take my word for it click the ink below to find out why these ils are advertizsed as “healthy” and may even sound good, hmm sunflower oil gosh, its your body we are talking about here. bare with me.

Oils such as Olive oil specfically extra cold pressed virgn oil is reallthy healthy however once heated you might as well use sunflower oil.

Click here and you’ll find out which oils are perfect consumed in your salad dressing or in your raw cooking diet.