Seaweed, Comes from the sea and sometimes freshwater source, they can be grown in large sea water farms or can be collected naturally in the shore, however i would not recomed you going picking “sea weeds” you see at the shore are some may be edible but some can be lethal depending on the location and the pollution waste. Sea weed is one of my top favorite vegetable that i consume daily, and i am going to list of different types of seaweed and how they can be introduced into your deit. There are amazing health benefits of seaweed/sea-vegetables

  1. Sea lettuce,
  2. Arame,
  3. Nori,
  4. Kombu,
  5. Wakame,
  6. Hijiki,
  7. Dulse,
  8. Agar,
  9. Kelp,
  10. Laminaria Japonica,
  11. Ogonori,
  12. Bladderwrack,
  13. Alaria,
  14. Spirulina,
  15. *Orange salmon* hijiki,